BUX Zero vs. Revolut Trading

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How does BUX Zero compare to Revolut trading in terms of costs? Which is the cheaper broker for stock trading? Which lets you trade the most different stocks and products?

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BUX Zero is not yet available and Revolut Investment accounts are not currently being offered to Swiss Revolut users.

Revolut Investment

Revolut trading is in its Beta phase and is gradually being made available to Revolut Metal account holders in EEA member countries. It is not currently available to Swiss Revolut Metal users.

Revolut Investment currently lets users trade major US stocks and ADRs of major non-US companies. Fractional share purchases can be made starting from 1 USD. Initially, only market orders are supported.

Revolut Metal account holders can make up to 100 trades per month without brokerage fees. When Revolut Investment becomes available to other users: Premium account holders will get 8 trades without brokerage fees per month; Standard account holders will get 3 trades without brokerage fees per month.

For all trades above the monthly brokerage-fee-free allowance, a brokerage fee of GBP 1 per trade applies. SEC

Revolut charges an annual custody fee equal to 0.01% of the average value of securities you hold.

It is important to note that trades are currently limited to a maximum value of USD 1000 per position.

BUX Zero

BUX Zero is an app-based trading platform which is being developed by Dutch company BUX B.V.

BUX Zero will initially be launched in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

When it becomes available, BUX Zero will let users buy stocks.

BUX Zero has not yet published fees and charges, but is advertised as a brokerage-fee-free stock trading platform.

We will post and analyze fees and charges once they are made available.

Best regards from Moneyguru

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