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  • BenutzernamePectoris
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Dear Community


Im curious to know, If I apply for a Creditcard and I get denied, does this lower my creditscore like CRIF? oder doest it lower my credit worthiness in any other way give a ZEK report? I applied for a cornercard platinum and a viseca one, got the viseca after some days and the cornercard got denied after over a month of no contact. Theres also nowhere mentioned if I Already own a credit card and what the limit is?

some days ago i ordere a report from all swiss databases like Intrum, ZEK, CRIF, IKO and no mentions of the denied credit card?

  • BenutzernameGareththegreat
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That depends on the reason why the card was denied.

If it was denied for a reason related to your creditworthiness (e.g. you have open debt collection pursuits), then the denial generally will be reported to ZEK.

On the other hand, if your application was denied for a reason that is not related to your creditworthiness (e.g. you do not meet the issuer's Swiss residence permit type requirements), then the denial generally will not be recorded by ZEK.

That makes sense because ZEK and IKO only record information related to creditworthiness. The same generally applies to CRIF and Intrum as well.