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Are there any credit cards which do not charge a fee for cash advances?

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Hi there,

Some Swiss credit cards can be used to make cash withdrawals without paying cash advance fees.

Many Swiss banks which offer credit cards issued by Viseca, such as cantonal banks and Raiffeisen banks, provide the option of linking your credit card to your private account. This lets you withdraw money directly from your bank account using your credit card, rather than getting cash advances. You can find more information in this forum.

The Migros Cumulus Mastercard, a credit card with no annual fee, can be used to get cash advances at the till in Migros supermarkets and at other Migros-group stores without paying a cash advance fee (normally 3.75% minimum CHF 5.00). The amount you can withdraw is subject to card limits and the amount of cash available at stores.

Best regards from Moneyguru

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