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Hello. My five-year car upgrade is due and I want to get a loan to buy my new car as I always have. My worry is that I might be turned down because I am in the middle of changing jobs. Should I wait on the new car until after my job change?

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Swiss lenders generally only give personal loans to applicants who have a regular income. The majority expect you to be employed on an unlimited basis, so the fact that your current employment will end shortly may result in a rejection.

If you have not already received your new employment contract, you may not be approved for a loan. If you already work for your employer on a probational basis, your chances are somehwat better - although not all lenders will approve a loan under these circumstances.

You can find and compare loans for which you are eligible by selecting the fitting employment status in the personal loan comparison. Only loans for which you may be eligible appear in results.

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