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Are there ways to get loans without interest in Switzerland? I'd be thankful for any information about this.

  • BenutzernameMoneyguru von
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Getting the cheapest loan available is generally the right financial move. However loans from commercial lenders always come with interest-based charges attached.

All relevant personal loan offers in Switzerland are included in the unbiased personal loan comparison. You can also use the comparison to find out which loan works out cheapest for your situation.

Important: If you see an interest-free loan being advertised online or elsewhere, you can be sure that the loan comes with a catch or with hidden costs. In most cases, advertisements like these are propagated by dubious lenders based outside of Switzerland. Never transfer money to a puported lender ahead of receiving your loan.

While interest-free loans are not offered by commercial lenders, they are regularly provided by friends and relatives in private circles. When giving or receiving private loans, it is important that you follow simple procedures to ensure that all parties are protected. You can find basic prcedures for private loans here.

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