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  • Benutzernamealexandra.cader
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Do you have any experience trading with the How do services compare with costs? 

  • Benutzernamemarina1banch
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I’ve been using this app for a week and it works well and it’s easy. I’ve cashed in a payment and the funds were received ok. Better than having virtual wallets in my opinion. Overnight fees are a couple of quid on each position but you can’t begrudge them anything or expect this app for free. 

  • BenutzernameMoneyguru von
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Hi there, specializes in CFD trading online and via its mobile app. It does not have brokerage fees, but charges fees indirectly in the form of the spread between the sell and buy prices. It is transparent with regards to these fees.

Additionally, overnight interest rates apply, as is typical with CFD brokers. A monthly inactivity fee equivalent to 10 U.S. dollars applies when you do not make at least one trade within each one-year period.

Comparing the spreads used by to those of other brokers is important. Depending on the amount you are investing and the number of CFDs you are buying, it is possible that a different broker which charges brokerage fees but uses smaller spreads may be more affordable in some cases.

Important: is a Cyprus-based financial services provider. As such, it is not regulated by Swiss regulatory bodies and assets deposited in accounts are not protected by the Swiss depositor protection scheme run by Esisuisse. For this reason, it is not included in the online broker comparison. If you plan to invest large amounts of capital using this foreign CFD broker, consider taking the time to research the rules and depositor protection schemes which apply to accounts.

  • Benutzernamethetownclownsa
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I use for hobby CFD trading. On the whole the support has been forthcoming and the platform does the job with very low costs. My one complaint so far is that I find it very difficult to enter limits in the "Close at profit" field and "Close at loss" fields. Maybe I'm missing something, but when I enter simple figures, they are automatically adjusted to limits which are completely useless to me. Spreads are high compared to those Cornertrader (my regular broker) uses for CFDs, but there are no brokerage fees. I've transferred money back to my Swiss account without problems. I only hold a relatively small amount of money in the account. If I were to invest a lot of money, then things like deposit insurance would probably be a concern. The company is based in Cyprus. The account I transfer to is based in the UK. I like to think that the money is held in the UK, but it may be held in Cyprus. Either way, I don't hold enough there to waste any worry on it.