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Good day,

I would be interested in getting an overview of what the Swiss market for consumer loans and leases looks like. Which are the main market players and what market shares do they hold? Are any statistics available?

Thank you for your feedback.

  • BenutzernameMoneyland User Answers
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The University of Lucerne did a study on this for the year 2015. This is how the Swiss loan market looked at that time:

Bank-now (Credit Suisse): around 29% market share
Cembra Money Bank: around 26% market share
Migros Bank: around 15% market share
Cashgate: 6% market share
money-net: 7% market share (this lender no longer exists)
Others: 17% market share


Since the study was made, money-net lending became part of Cashgate, which provides the personal loans offered by various cantonal banks. That could possibly put Cashgate's market share at 15%.

A few new lenders like Lend have appeared in the meantime. There has not been any growth in the personal loans market, which means that new players take market share from old players.