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Have you ever gotten a loan from Migros Bank? What was your customer experience as a borrower at Migros Bank like? Would you recommend this lender?

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Hi to all,

I wanted to apply for a loan from Migros Bank to finance a new car. Today I got a reply telling me that my application has been denied. Migros Bank tried to contact my employer by telephone over a phone number listed in a phone book.

My company deactivated their official phone number because they were being hit with spam calls, and does not list its new phone number in the phone book. My employer’s secretary called from the new number, but was turned down due to lack of identification (the number was not listed in the phone book). They simply hung up during the call.

Thanks to Migros Bank I now have a “neutral” entry on my credit record showing that I applied for a loan but was turned down. What can I do to correct this?

1. Should I put pressure on Migros Bank to find another way to establish my employment status?
2. Should I try at another bank which has higher interest charges and fees? Are there any banks which can establish my employment status without using an antiquated method like finding my employer in a phone book?
3. Is the entry on my credit record really neutral like Migros Bank claims, or will the fact that I was rejected by Migros Bank affect my ability to get a loan elsewhere?


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Hi there,

There are other lenders which have even lower minimum interest rates than Migros Bank. However, the best rates are only available to borrowers with excellent creditworthiness.

An entry in your credit history (ZEK/IKO) showing that you applied for a loan but were rejected by a major lender will definitely negatively affect your ability to obtain another loan. Avoid applying for another loan until the negative entry has been removed from your credit history, as the negative entry may result in further rejections which will also be entered into your credit history.

A good first step would be to provide Migros Bank with clear proof that you are employed. Contact Migros Bank and ask them what it would require for them to have the negative entry removed from your credit history. For example, they may accept an affidavit from your employer stating that you are employed on an ongoing and unlimited basis as substantial proof that their rejection of your application was incorrect.

A good second step is to contact the ZEK central credit bureau (you can find the contact details on zek.ch) and explain your situation. They can provide you with further advice on how to clarify the misunderstanding and have the negative entry removed from your credit history.

Best regards from Moneyguru