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How does the OK prepaid card compare to other Swiss prepaid credit cards? Has anyone used it? What are the costs and perks?

  • BenutzernameMoneyguru von moneyland.ch
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Hi there,

The OK prepaid card is issued by Cornèrcard on bahalf of the Valora retail group which operates kiosks and chain stores like P&B Books, Avec. and Naville.

This card is practical in that you can reload it at Valora kiosks and other Valora stores. Apple Pay fans will appreciate the fact that it works with Apple Pay. It is available to people as young as 14 years old.

However, the fees are high. The first deposit into your prepaid account is free. A high fee equal to 4% of every deposit applies to all subsequent deposits, with a minimum fee of 2 francs. That means you pay 4 francs for every 100 francs you "load" onto the card. If you load just 10 or 20 francs onto the card, you still pay the minimum fee of 2 francs.

Plus, the card has an annual fee of 39 francs.

Cash withdrawals at ATMs are only possible when the "Upgraged" mode is activated. Each cash withdrawal costs 6 francs.

The gift card version of this prepaid card costs 19.90 francs.

Comparing this card to other prepaid cards before applying is a good idea. You can compare prepaid cards using the moneyland.ch credit card and prepaid card comparison. Just select the "Prepaid" filter to limit the comparison to prepaid cards.

Best regards from Moneyguru