Prepaid Card Not Credited for Cancelled Purchase

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  • BenutzernameMoneyland User Questions
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Good day,

I have a prepaid Cornercard and used it to pay for a purchase online. Later, the purchase agreement was cancelled and the store transferred the money back. But, more than one week later, the returned money still hasn’t been credited to my card balance.

There are no card statements for prepaid accounts. The only way to get any information is to call an 0900 number (1.90 francs per minute). Just the cost of the phone call could take a bit bite out of the 64.90 francs which the store returned.

What should I do? Is it even possible to have money returned to a prepaid card account?

Thank you in advance

  • BenutzernameMoneyland User Answers
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I can only take a wild guess, but it seems to me that you just need to wait a few more days.

As far as I know, returns are always possible regardless of whether you use a prepaid card or a credit card.

If the money still hasn’t shown up after 2 weeks, consider calling the card issuer.


  • BenutzernameGovard
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Here you need to understand individually. Usually, if the map is prepaid or credit, then the return of funds to the map is provided if you, for example, accidentally paid the payment in the online store on the map. It is advisable to contact the administration of the store as well.


  • BenutzernameMarta
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In most cases, the return of funds to the card is provided. It depends specifically from the type of map if the card is prepaid, then the refund is possible. If the store returned money, they must be credited for three banking days maximum.

  • Benutzernameeasyrider
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Have you gotten the refund yet?