Reloadable Credit Cards in USD and CAD (Prepaid)

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  • BenutzernameMoneyland User Questions
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I travel to the US and Canada often and would like a prepaid card which uses US dollars or Canadian dollars. I haven't found one yet. Could you recommend one?

  • BenutzernameMoneyguru von
  • OrtSchweiz
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Hi there,

You can use the credit card comparison to filter and sort credit cards and prepaid card based on many different criteria. These cirteria include currencies (CHF, EUR, USD) and card type (standard, gold, platinum, prepaid).

Just select the "Prepaid" and "USD" filters to limit results to prepaid cards denominated by U.S. dollars.

As far as we know, prepaid cards in CAD are not offered by any Swiss issuer. If you frequently travel to Canada and want to use a payment card to pay for purchases, make sure to choose a card with a low foreign transaction fee. Selecting the "Individual profile" option in the credit card comparison lets you enter the number of purchases and cash withdrawals in foreign currencies which you expect to make every year and find the cheapest card for your needs.

Best regards from Moneyguru

  • Benutzernamemrniceguy
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The Revolut card is an option to look into. You can now transfer francs to a Swiss Revolut account, so no international transfer needed.

Revolut has very good rates for francs to Canadian dollars on weekday when forex markets are open. Just change francs to CAD in the app ahead of the weekend because the weekend rates bite.

  • Benutzernamebestjohnsontvc
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Great work on the solution. I’m really amazed by the quality of service that you have been providing here. wink