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New Galaxus Mobile Plans: A Closer Look

May 2, 2023 - Ralf Beyeler

Online retailer Digitec Galaxus is launching two new mobile plans under the Galaxus Mobile brand. Up until now, the company marketed its mobile plans under the Digitec Mobile brand. The plans can be subscribed to via the Galaxus and Digitec websites.

Overview of the new plans

  Basic CH Unlimited
Basic monthly fee CHF 14.00 CHF 19.00
Mobile network used Sunrise Sunrise
Phone calls in Switzerland Unlimited Unlimited
Data in Switzerland 3 GB Unlimited
Roaming data for Europe None 1 GB


Galaxus Mobile uses the Sunrise mobile network. Subscribers can use the 5G network at no additional cost. Customers can obtain supplemental multi-SIM cards on request.

Galaxus Mobile incorporates many features of its Digitec plan predecessor. For example, the Family + Friends option, which discounts plan fees for groups of up to five people, is present in the new Galaxus plans, but with the difference that the discount increases by one franc for each additional group member.

The prices for roaming and making calls outside of Switzerland are identical to those of Digitec Mobile. The exceptionally customer-friendly terms and conditions are worth noting: Galaxus Mobile is one of the few Swiss mobile service providers which does not charge an activation fee for new subscriptions. Customers can terminate their plans at the end of each month without paying a penalty fee.

Existing Digitec Mobile customers will be transferred to Galaxus Mobile

If you have a Digitec Mobile plan, it will automatically be migrated to the new CH Unlimited plan from Galaxus Mobile. You have the option of changing to the Basic plan using the online portal.

No special promotions

Digitec Galaxus is moving away from the special promotions model. Galaxus Mobile plans will always be offered at the same, standard prices, with no special promotional offers.

How prices compare with other plans

Both of the new Galaxus Mobile plans are very attractive, from a price perspective. A monthly fee of 19 francs for unlimited local phone calls and data in Switzerland is very competitive.

Currently, just one offer from Yallo Swype has a standard price in this range – although other mobile service providers have offered similar pricing as part of special promotions. However, you should note that Galaxus Mobile is relatively expensive for making international phone calls or using data roaming.

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