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Health Insurer KPT Swallows Up Publisana And Agilia

Inquisitive users have already caught on: health insurance applicants now have just 59, rather than 61 companies to choose from when obtaining their compulsory health insurance.

The reason: two smaller health insurers, Publisana and Agilia, were no longer able to fulfill obligations with regards to minimum financial reserves. As a result, both companies were taken over by KPT/CPT, a larger insurance company with over 435,000 policyholders. From January 1, 2015, compulsory health insurance policies from Publisana and Agilia will no longer be available.

Agilia and Publisana: supplementary health insurance still offered

Although Agilia and Publisana will not provide basic, mandatory insurance coverage as of next year, they will continue to offer out-patient insurance and hospital insurance coverage. For the time being, Agilia and Publisana will continue to operate out of their headquarters in Malters and Brugg respectively.

What does this mean to Agilia and Publisana policyholders?

Customers who currently receive basic, compulsory health insurance coverage from Publisana or Agilia will automatically be transferred to KPT/CPT and will pay the same premiums as other KPT policyholders. Policyholders can expect to pay premiums similar to those they currently pay, but differences may occur depending on customer profiles.

Policyholders are free to choose their obligatory health insurance policy, and can change health insurance providers at no penalty before the end of November, 2014. A comparison of health insurance premiums for 2015 is recommended.

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