In insurance, the word “household” refers to all the personal property kept at the home of a policyholder for personal use.

Furniture, televisions, kitchen appliances, clothing, sports equipment and other personal effects (including rented or leased items) are generally covered.

Swiss insurers also cover guest personal property and items placed in your care by guests temporarily staying at your home.

Pets are normally also insured, as they are also part of your household insofar as insurance is concerned. However, special terms and conditions may apply to pets, depending on your insurance policy.

Homeowners need to go about insuring their home in a different way than renters. Household insurance only insures property that belongs to the policyholders. If you are only renting, you do not have to insure your landlord’s personal property. If you damage your landlord’s property, this will be covered by your liability insurance.

Some cantons make household insurance compulsory. In Nidwalden and Vaud, fire and natural hazards must be insured by the cantonal fire insurance scheme. In the cantons of Fribourg, Glarus and Jura, you can choose which insurance provider to work with. In all other cantons, getting household insurance for your own home is not compulsory.

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