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Jim Rogers (* 1942)

Jim Rogers became famous for his critical position on American and European economic development and his preference for Asian markets and real assets.

Jim Rogers studied at both Yale and Oxford. His education included philosophy and economics.

Several years into his career on Wall Street, Rogers co-founded the Quantum Fund with investor George Soros in 1970. Over the next ten years, the fund saw a 4200% gain in value.

In 1980 he withdrew from business operations and turned to traveling and writing bestsellers on the topic of investment and his travels. Today, Jim Rogers only invests his own assets and does not have any customers.

Rogers is notorious for his critical stance on the economic development of the U.S. and Europe. In his opinion, the twenty-first century belongs to Asia and particularly to China. He and his family reside in Singapore.

Aside from investments in Asian markets, Rogers is known for his long positions on precious metals and commodities.

Hard assets like raw materials, Rogers believes, will be the big winners in the coming decades because of their scarcity.

He advises young people to avoid a career in the banking sector and recommends that they build careers in agriculture or mining instead.

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