john bogle 1929

John Bogle (* 1929)

John Bogle is known as a pioneer in the field of passive investments and ETFs (exchange traded funds).

John Jack Bogle is considered to be one of the investment greats of the twentieth century. He already busied himself with mutual funds even as he went about his economics education at Princeton.

After gathering experience as a consultant at Wellington Management between 1951 and 1974, he founded the Vanguard Group, where he served as CEO and President until he retired in 1999.

John Bogle is known as a pioneer in the field of mutual funds and index funds. He worked to drive down fund fees and promote passive fund management, helping to pave the way for the current ETF boom.

The guiding principle of index-based investment is the observation the market as a whole performs better than the vast majority of individual investors over the long term.

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