JUSTIS Legal Protection

General information:

Worldwide coverage.

Insured persons:

The insurance coverage extends to the policyholder (in case of the individual insurance) or the policyholder and the family, spouse or cohabitee of the policyholder sharing the same household (in case of the family insurance).

Coverage Switzerland:
CHF 500,000
Coverage Europe:
CHF 150,000
Coverage World:
CHF 150,000
Insurance rate (comments):

Stamp taxes of 5 percent excluded.

Personal legal protection - individual:
CHF 154
Motor legal protection - individual:
Not specified
Personal & motor legal protection - individual:
CHF 199
Personal legal protection - family:
CHF 199
Motor legal protection - family:
Not specified
Personal & motor legal protection - family:
CHF 262
Scope of services:
Total scope
Personal legal protection
Motor legal protection
Scope of advisory services
Minimum amount in dispute
Waiting period
Choice of legal representation
Contract duration
Coverage Switzerland
Coverage Europe
Coverage World
Choice of legal representation:

Choice of legal representation: the insurance company has the right to reject a lawyer proposed by the insured person. The insured person may then propose three lawyers from different law firms in the relevant jurisdiction, from which the insurance company can select the lawyer to be appointed.

Termination of contract:

The insurer can terminate the contract: before the end of the insurance year. After every insured event for which a claim is payable. If material risk factors have been concealed or falsely communicated.

Contract duration:

Minimum contract duration: 1 month.

Waiting period:

30 days.

Minimum amount in dispute:

No minimum amount in dispute.

Personal legal expense coverage:
Civil damages law, Assistance to victims, Criminal law, Insurance law, Tenancy law, Property law, Labor law, Contract law, Patient law, Neighbor law, Internet law, Public building law
Personal legal protection (comments):

Special coverage: Property law, Assistance to victims and online legal protection .

Driver legal expense coverage:
Civil damages law, Assistance to victims, Criminal law, Insurance law, Disqualification from driving, Recovery of driving licence, Vehicle contract law
Motor legal protection (comments):

Exclusions (examples): If the driver was not authorized to drive the vehicle.

Legal protection advisory services:
Neighbor law, Marital law, Personal law, Family law, Inheritance law, Internet law, Public building law, Tax law
Legal protection advisory (comments):

Free legal hotline.

General coverage:
Lawyers' fees, Travel expenses, Court fees, Counterparty's fees, Mediation, Expert reports, Penalty order
Additional services:

Costs of mediation.


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