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General conditions:

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Residence in Switzerland or Liechtenstein required. A Swiss bank account or postal account is also required.

Interest rates vary based on the creditworthiness and financial situations of applicants. Effective annual interest rates also vary based on loan terms:

1 to 12 Months: 3.5% to 9.38%
13 to 24 Months: 3.5% to 9.73%
25 to 36 Months: 3.5% to 9.76%
37 to 48 Months: 4.56% to 9.78%
49 to 60 Months: 4.92% to 9.79%
61 to 72 Months: 8.65% to 9.81%

Credit rating required to obtain a loan: A+, A, B, C or D.

Important: The lowest interest rate is only available to applicants with the highest credit ratings (with collateral or home owners: A+).

Min. effective interest rate:
Max. effective interest rate:
Minimum amount of loan:
CHF 5000
Max. amount of loan:
CHF 200,000
Minimum duration:
12 months
Maximum duration:
72 months
Minimum age:
24 years
Maximum age:
64 years
Special services:
Early repayment
Type of loan:

New loans, loan refinancing. Loans can be increased at later points in time within the loan term.

Residence permit:

Swiss citizens. Non-citizens who hold C or B residence permits.


Regular income and ongoing, unlimited employment.


Copy of ID card or passport. Non-citizens must provide a copy of their residence permit in addition to a copy of their passport. Salary statements. Additional documents like divorce settlements, home rental agreements and other documents may be required.

General information:

Only residents of Switzerland and Liechtenstein are eligible. Applicants must hold a Swiss bank account or postal account. The interest rates used vary between loans depending on the creditworthiness and financial situation of applicants. Interest rates may also vary based on the lengths of loan terms.


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