Liability Car Insurance

In Switzerland, liability car insurance is compulsory, and this applies from the moment a car is registered.

In a worst-case scenario, costs associated with a road accidents in Switzerland can add up to more than 1 million Swiss francs. This is especially true when a person is injured and requires medical care. Compulsory liability car insurance covers these risks.

The obligatory liability insurance covers damages to third parties and their property when these damages are caused by your insured vehicle. These may include damages to somebody else’s property or injuries sustained by a third party person. Liability coverage also provides for consequent losses to third parties resulting from accidents, such as temporary loss of income.

Damages to your own vehicle are not covered by liability car insurance. It’s up to you to insure your own vehicle by taking out optional collision insurance and comprehensive insurance policies.

Note that in Switzerland, liability for damages caused by your vehicle falls on you. If you lend your car to another driver and they are involved in an accident, you as the vehicle’s owner will be held liable.

Swiss liability car insurance providers base the premiums you pay on your individual situation. Criteria used in calculating insurance premiums include your age, gender, nationality, place of residence, bonus level (accident and claim history) and projected mileage. New drivers generally pay higher premiums, while experienced drivers with a long accident-free history benefit from discounted premiums.

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