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M-Budget Mobile Now Offering Unlimited Data Option

April 12, 2021 - Ralf Beyeler

M-Budget users now have the option of adding unlimited local data for Switzerland to their mobile plans. Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from independent online comparison service moneyland.ch analyzes the new dataPLUS option here.

Starting now, subscribers to the MEGA plans from M-Budget can purchase the new dataPLUS option. The optional bundle costs 20 francs per month (separate from the 39-franc monthly mobile plan fee) and gives users unlimited mobile data within Switzerland. Without the dataPLUS option, MEGA mobile plan users normally get 5 gigabytes of local mobile data per month.

What is changing for M-Budget customers?

With the new dataPLUS option, M-Budget Mobile subscribers are able to get unlimited mobile data for the first time.

Does the new option include data roaming?

Whether or not subscribers can make use of mobile data depends on whether they have activated the optional europePLUS option.

For plans without an active europePLUS option, the dataPLUS option has no effect on data roaming. M-Budget Mobile subscribers still have to purchase data roaming bundles to access the Internet while travelling abroad.

So MEGA plan subscribers who activate both the dataPLUS and europePLUS options get unlimited local mobile data in Switzerland, and up to 5 gigabytes of roaming mobile data for Europe.

Is M-Budget running a special promotional offer for the new option?

Until May 10, 2021, M-Budget subscribers can add the dataPLUS option for a special promotional price. The dataPLUS fee is waived for the first 12 months for subscribers who add the option during the promotional period. That means you pay just the basic 39-franc monthly MEGA plan fee for the plan and the dataPLUS option (instead of paying 59 francs per month).

Are there any disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is of the dataPLUS options is that while it does give you unlimited data for a flat fee, the Internet connection speed is relatively slow. The download speed is 50 Mbps and the upload speed is 5 Mbps.

Most Swiss unlimited data offers have substantially higher data transfer speeds.

Another disadvantage is that you have to pay the option’s monthly fee for as long as it remains active – even if you end up using less than the 5 gigabytes included in your basic mobile plan. The relatively long 60-day notice period required to suspend the dataPLUS option is also a negative.

Conclusion by moneyland.ch telecom expert Ralf Beyeler

There are now very few Swiss mobile service providers who do not yet offer unlimited local mobile data. So Migros adding an unlimited data option to its M-Budget Mobile lineup is a welcome move.

In terms of price, the new M-Budget offer is not very attractive. After all, mobile plans which include unlimited local calls and data are now being offered in Switzerland with standard price tags as low as 20 francs per month. More expensive all-inclusive mobile plans are offered for around 20 francs as part of occasional special promotions. Even the special promotional price of 39 francs for the M-Budget plan and option combined is still relatively high compared to competing promotional offers.

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Expert Ralf Beyeler
Ralf Beyeler is the telecom expert at moneyland.ch and also covers other areas of personal finance.