Mobile Plan and Device Cost Calculator


Useful information about the mobile plan and device cost calculator:

  • The mobile plan and device cost calculator helps you easily compare 2 different phone offers (mobile plan with included device) across a relevant time frame to find the real cost of each offer.
  • You can use the unbiased mobile plan and prepaid offer comparison on to compare the costs of mobile plans (base fees and use-based costs, with or without an included device) based on your specific telecom needs.
  • The calculator can be applied to various use cases. For example, it can be used to compare the cost of a mobile plan which includes a phone against the combined cost of a mobile plan which does not include a phone (mobile service only) and a phone from a cheap online dealer. In many cases, buying a device from a dealer and getting your mobile service plan separately works out cheaper than getting a package deal.
  • The one-time payment which you must pay upfront for a device when you get a mobile plan is typically referred to as the down payment. The recurring monthly payments towards the device are normally referred to as the equipment installment plan.
  • Results are calculated exactly and then rounded to the nearest 5 centimes.
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