Telecom News Launches New Internet, TV and Landline Telephone Plan Comparisons

April 25, 2019 - Ralf Beyeler

The new interactive comparisons developed by let you accurately compare Internet, TV and landline telephone plans. The innovative tools break new ground in Switzerland with address-based telecom comparisons.

In the months following the launch of the comprehensive mobile plan comparison, the team has working hard to develop equally comprehensive interactive comparisons of Swiss broadband plan, TV plan and landline telephone plan comparisons.

Transparency in the home Internet, TV and landline telephone markets reaches new highs

“The new comparisons make choosing the right home telecom solution easier and more transparent than ever,” states telecom expert Ralf Beyeler. Whether you are looking for a broadband plan, TV plan, landline telephone plan, or a combination of these, the comparisons show you exactly which plans are available for your address and calculate the exact costs across thousands of variables. Additional information like the exact terms and conditions attached to plans, customer satisfaction and supplementary services are clearly shown in comparisons in unmatched detail, says Beyeler.

Address-specific comparisons

For the first time in Switzerland, you can compare telecom plans which are available at your specific address. This is possible thanks to information provided by telecom service providers through APIs. The comparison also shows whether optical fiber, coaxial cable and/or telephone line connections are available at your address.

Thanks to address-specific comparisons, you can save time and frustration by limiting results to offers which you can actually get at your address. Some telecom service providers use location-based pricing, and these price differences are all accounted for in the comprehensive comparisons. In the case of plans which use telephone line connections, maximum Internet speeds can vary broadly depending on your location. In some cases, actual Internet speeds are significantly lower than advertised maximum speeds. The comparison clearly shows the actual maximum Internet speed relevant to your address.

Comparisons account for the Swisscom telephone line network, the coaxial cable networks operated by UPC, Quickline and GGA Maur, and the optical fiber networks serviced by bafn (Baden), ewb (Bern), ewl (Lucerne), ewz (Zurich), ftth fr (the canton of Fribourg), GA Weissenstein, the Municipality of Lindau, IWB (Basel), LITEX, sgsw (St. Gallen), SIG Geneva, Stadtwerk Winterthur, Swisscom and TIFN (Chiasso). The comparison also shows plans which can be used with any connection, such as the plans offered by Zattoo, Teleboy, Wilmaa, netvoip and greenTalk.

The comparison also accounts for the costs of cable connections which some cable service providers charged via landlords as part of supplementary home rental costs. The cable fees from some cable service providers vary significantly between locations. The telecom comparisons are the first to account for these location-based differences in pricing.

Compare Internet, TV and landline telephone plans individually or compare bundled plans

You can use the new comparisons to compare home Internet, TV and telephone plans individually or in various combinations. When you search for combined services, bundled plans which include Internet, TV and telephone services are included in comparison results. You can compare plans based on a number of typical user profiles for the sake of simplicity, or create a custom profile based on your specific needs.

When comparing TV plans, you can select numerous different criteria including recording, time shifting and live pause capabilities, video on demand services and compatibility with third-party devices (like Apple TV). Landline telephone plan comparisons calculate the exact costs of local calls within Switzerland and the exact costs of international calls to a country of your choice. Flat fees, supplementary options and even hidden charges like per-minute billing are all accounted for.

To make it easier for you to find your way through the maze of telecom offers and sub-offers, the comparisons only include the Internet, TV, landline telephone or bundled plans which match your profile. For example, Swisscom offers 48 different possible combinations of its inOne Home plan. In this case, the comparisons only show the version which matches your needs in order to avoid confusion.

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