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Useful information about the net salary and gross salary calculator on

  • The net salary and gross salary calculator on makes it easy for you as an employee in Switzerland to find your net salary based on your gross salary and to find your gross salary based on your net salary.
  • The calculator accounts for Swiss OASI/DI/EO contributions, unemployment insurance (ALV) contributions, non-occupational accident insurance (NOAI) premiums, paid sick leave insurance premiums and occupational pension fund contributions. OASI/DI/EO contributions are automatically accounted for. All other salary deductions can be entered individually based on applicable insurance policies and pension fund arrangements.
  • Results which are shown as percentages are based on the gross salary.
  • An annual gross salary includes possible supplementary employee benefits (like employer-provided room or board), a possible 13th monthly salary per year, irregular benefits like bonuses and commissions, sign-on bonuses and severance settlements and anniversary bonuses.
  • The results shown apply to employees which have not yet reached standard OASI retirement age (64 years old for women, 65 for men).
  • The social security contributions used by the calculator apply to standard employees. There are exceptions to these rules (students and household employees, for example) and actual contributions may deviate from results in these cases. The calculator also does not account for self-employment.
  • Non-occupational accident insurance (NOAI): NOAI premiums are normally deducted from the employee’s salary. However, some employers pay all or part of NOAI premiums on a voluntary basis as an extra employee benefit. Premiums are normally published as a pro mille of employee salaries. NOAI is only compulsory for employees who are employed at least 8 hours per week.
  • Paid sick leave insurance: Not all employers take out this insurance. Employers can deduct up to half of the cost of premiums from employee salaries.
  • Gross salaries are calculated exactly based on the net salary and other information entered, and rounded to the nearest five centimes. Net salary calculations are based on the gross salary calculations minus social security contributions and insurance premiums. Net salary calculations may differ slightly from net salary information under “My details” due to rounding differences.
  • If you are an employer, you can use the salary cost calculator to calculate the total cost of employees.
  • You can find all calculators here.
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