ÖKK Standard


General information:

Hospital insurance (general ward) included.

Notice period:

The insurer can terminate the contract at the latest 3 months before the end of the contract or calendar year.

Premiums and discounts:

Amount of premiums varies depending on the age, place of residence and gender of the insured person.

Glasses and contact lenses:

CHF 150 per year.


90 percent up to CHF 200 per year.

Preventative examinations:

Check-ups: 90 percent up to CHF 300 per year. Preventive gynaecological examinations: 90 percent of one check-up per year, up to CHF 300 per year. 50 percent of further benefits from the health account, yearly up to CHF 200 per sector and CHF 500 in total for benefits from the health account.

Gym memberships:

50 percent, yearly up to CHF 200 for «exercise» and CHF 500 for benefits from the health account totally.


70 percent.

Alternative medicine:

Treatments by EMR-therapists: 70 percent, up to CHF 3,000 per year.


No benefits.

Search & rescue in Switzerland:

Emergency transportation up to CHF 60,000 per year with a deductible of CHF 100.
Travel expenses for frequent treatments and a distance of at least 30 km: 90 percent, for dialysis, radiation or chemotherapy up to CHF 300 per year, otherwise up to CHF 100 per year.

Search & rescue abroad:

Emergency transportation, repatriation and rescue: up to CHF 60,000 per year,  deductible of CHF 100 per incident.
Search: CHF 20,000 per year.

Medical costs abroad:

Full coverage in case of emergency.

Tooth misalignment treatments:

Treatment of tooth misalignment up to the age of 25: 70 percent, up to CHF 5,000 per year.

Dental treatments:

Removal of wisdom teeth: 90 percent.
Check-up and prophylaxis up to the age of 25: CHF 60 per year.

Spa & convalescent therapy :

Convalescent therapy: CHF 50  per day, up to 21 days a year.
Spa treatment: CHF 30  per day , up to 21 days a year.
Thermal baths: 50 percent, up to 12 admissions a year.


No benefits.


50 percent up to CHF 1,000.


Antenatal classes and postnatal gymnastics: CHF 100 per pregnancy.

Ear corrections:

No benefits.

Home care:

Domestic help: CHF 40 per day, up to CHF 400 per year.
Domestic help for looking after a child: CHF 40 per day, up to CHF 600 per year.

Additional services:

ÖKK travel insurance, rooming-in, daily hospital allowance: CHF 15 per day, up to 730 days, waiting period 5 days per year.

Scope of services

Scope of services
Glasses and contact lenses
Preventative examinations
Gym memberships
Alternative medicine
Search & rescue in Switzerland
Search & rescue abroad
Medical costs abroad
Tooth misalignment treatments
Spa & convalescent therapy
Medical aids and equipment
Ear corrections
Home care