philip fisher

Philip Fisher (1907 – 2004)

Fisher was a classic long-term and growth investor who chose his stocks carefully and held onto them over many years.

Philip Fisher was an exceptionally influential investor, and his knowledge impressed other financial greats like Warren Buffett.

Fisher & Company, established in 1931, delivered exceptional profits to its customers until Fisher’s retirement in 1999.

Fisher was a classic long-term investor who carefully selected his stocks and then usually held onto them over many years.

Fishers unique investment style, which he presented in his book “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits” in 1958, is best described by the term “growth stock picking”.

Fisher bought stocks from companies which, in addition to solid management, showed clear signs of high growth potential. Fisher’s process of selecting high-growth stocks included solid research and the gathering of company-relevant information through his business network.

In terms of his long-term investments, thorough research and stock-picking methods, the famed growth investor did not drift far from the classic value-investment path.

While value investors normally buy stocks below what they consider the value of those stocks to be at the time, a growth investor is willing to buy a stock above its current actual value if they feel confident that the stock’s value will grow as its issuing company grows.

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