Pillar 3a Investment Account

A pillar 3a investment account (sometimes called a “3a investment fund account”) is a Swiss retirement savings account which allows you to both save and invest.

While a 3a savings account is purely a savings vehicle, 3a investment fund accounts allow account holders to invest part of their assets in securities like bonds, stocks or funds. Regulations stipulate that stocks can make up a maximum of 50 percent of a 3a investment fund account’s investments.

However, because 3a investment accounts are partially made up of securities, they involve more risk than 3a savings accounts. Account holders can earn higher returns on their assets, but there is also a risk of loss.

The increased risk brought on by securities investments can be minimized by making diverse and long-term securities investments. In practice, 3a investment accounts are best suited to long-term investments.

As with 3a savings accounts, pillar 3a investment accounts are subject to limitations on fixed maximum annual contributions which are eligible to be deducted from taxes.

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