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Useful information about the Swiss pocket money calculator on

  • The Swiss pocket money calculator on makes it easy to compare your child’s allowance with the average allowance for children their age in your region.
  • The calculator also shows how your child’s pocket money for free use compares with the average in your region for children their age.
  • Parents can use the calculator as an aide in determining the ideal allowances to budget for their children.
  • Children and adolescents can use the calculator to compare their allowances with the regional averages.
  • The calculator accounts for differences between German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. Allowances in French-speaking Switzerland are typically lower than those in German-speaking Switzerland.
  • Allowances are calculated on a monthly basis. However, in Switzerland, young children typically receive their allowances on a weekly basis.
  • There are many factors which can influence the size of allowances given by parents to children, including parents’ child training models and incomes. Regional average allowances are shown for informational purposes only and should not be construed as recommendations.
  • A differentiation is made between pocket money which can be used at the child’s discretion and allowances which are designated for specific purposes.
  • Giving a child designated allowances in addition to pocket money is a practical way to educate them in personal finance. Designated allowances may cover savings and the cost of shoes and clothing, haircuts or styling, personal care products, bicycles or motorcycles and their maintenance, mobile phones and mobile plans, school supplies, public transportation, health insurance premiums and cafeteria lunches and restaurant dining.
  • Average allowances used for comparisons are based on studies from a number of sources as well as estimates by
  • You can find all calculators here.
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