postfinance zinssenkung kreditkarten gebuehren 2016

PostFinance: Lower Yields and Higher Fees

Banking, General News, 14.06.2016

Swiss PostFinance is cutting interest rates and raising its credit card fees.

PostFinance Yield Rates Dropping

Starting on August 1, 2016, PostFinance will deliver lower yield rates for both checking accounts and e-savings accounts. Its excuse for falling yield rates is the current international low interest environment. Checking accounts no longer come with any interest yields at all.

Checking account CHF: 0% APY (previously 0.01%)
Checking account EUR: 0% APY (previously 0.01%)
E-savings account CHF: 0.05% APY (previously 0.1%)
E-savings account EUR: 0.05% APY (previously 0.1%)

PostFinance credit cards are getting more expensive

Changes at PostFinance will also affect credit cards issued after September 1, 2016. For cards issued after that date, foreign transaction fees will be 1.2%, up from the current 0.9%.

At the same time, PostFinance is slashing rewards on its cash back credit cards: Holders of its Prepaid, Standard and Business cards will receive just 0.3% instead of the 0.5% they have enjoyed till now. Gold and Platinum cardholders will earn 0.5% cash back instead of 0.75% cashback.

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