postfinance lowers interest yield rates

PostFinance Lowers Interest Yield Rates

Banking, General News, 03.11.2014
PostFinance has once again lowered interest rates and slid further towards the middle-of-the-road compared to competitors.

PostFinance is putting the brakes on interest yields. This decision can be justified by the general trend towards lower interest rates. But PostFinance’s yield rates have also steadily worsened in relation to rates offered by its competitors.

With its latest move to lower rates, PostFinance has slid further towards average, less competitive yield rates. A comparison with other banks is highly recommended.

Yield cuts for savings accounts

  • Savings account: from 0.2% down to 0.15% (until CHF 500,000 with 0.05% after that).
  • Euro savings account: from 0.3% down to 0.15%.
  • E-savings account EUR: From 0.4% down to 0.3%.
  • Youth savings account: From 1% down to 0.9% (until CHF 25,000 with 0.9% after that).
  • Youth savings account EUR: from 1% down to 0.9% (until EUR 15,000, with 0.15% after that).
  • E-youth savings account: from 1.1% down to 1.05% (until CHF 25,000, then 0.3%).
  • E-youth savings account Euro: from 1.1% down to 1.05% (until EUR 15,000, then 0.3%).
  • Compare with other savings accounts.

Interest rate cuts for checking account

Interest yield cuts for retirement accounts

Rate cuts for business accounts

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