PostFinance Association Account

Business type:
Association, Non-profit organization

For associations.

Interest rate:

0% up to a custom limit, after which a -1% negative interest rate applies. The limit above which a negative interest rate applies is set on a case-by-case basis (based on frequency of transactions, for example). In the worst case, the negative interest rate may be applied to the full account balance.

Debit interest on overdrafts:

The rate of debit interest is 9.5% p.a.


Unlimited withdrawal options.

Credit cards:

Visa Business Card: CHF 80 per card per year. Cash-back.

Capital payment:

Nonrecurring costs of capital payment account for GmbH or AG: CHF 145.

Account management costs:

Account management fee: CHF 60 per year.
Account opening: free of charge.
Close-out of account: free of charge.
Statements of account: electronically free of charge. Per mail CHF 3 per month for 1 statement of account plus postal fees.
Account closure: Yearly, free of charge.

Payment transaction costs:

Incoming payment (Switzerland): free of charge.
Electronic payment order (Switzerland): CHF: free of charge.
Electronic payment order (abroad): SEPA payments in Euro free of charge; other payments (non-SEPA) and currencies CHF 2 per payment.
Non-electronic payment order: depending on order type.
Permanent order: Execution (Switzerland in CHF) free of charge.
Payment by direct debit (LSV): free of charge.
Inpayment slips: up to 1000 p. per year free of charge.


PostFinance Card: CHF 30.
Purchases in Switzerland in CHF: free of charge.
Purchases in foreign currencies and abroad (with Travel Cash Card, no Maestro Card): CHF 1 per purchase, upload fee of 1.5%.

Cash withdrawals PostFinance Card:

Cash withdrawal at ATMs of PostFinance: free of charge.
Cash withdrawal at ATMs of other banks in CHF: CHF 2.
Cash withdrawal abroad: CHF 5 and exchange rates.

Special services:
Mobile banking, Online banking, Credit card
Not specified.
General information:

Association account of PostFinance.


Founded in
Number of Employees
German, English, French, Italian
Berne, several other locations