Roaming Allowance


The term roaming allowance denotes an entitlement to practice mobile roaming which is provided on a complimentary basis as part of a mobile plan or which can be purchased as part of an optional bundle or option. Roaming allowances may entitle a phone user to a limited or unlimited amount of call roaming, data roaming or SMS roaming.

The roaming allowances included in Swiss mobile plans or available as optional add-ons are typically limited to roaming in specific countries (typically most countries in Europe). Roaming allowances may include unlimited calls and SMS messages, but data roaming is typically limited. Depending on the specific offer, roaming allowances may have time-based restrictions – such as a maximum number of days per month or year.

Many Swiss telecom service providers offer mobile plans which include roaming allowances. These mobile plans are generally expensive.

The roaming calculator and the mobile plan comparison on account for included roaming allowances and clearly show these on product breakdowns.

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