SafeSide Life Insurance

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  • 3b policies only

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General information:

In cooperation with Basler Versicherung.

At the moment, SafeSide life insurance is only possible under pillar 3b (not 3a).

Type of insurance:

Entry age Pillar 3b: 18 to 60 years. Maximum payment age: 65 years.


Worldwide coverage.


In the case of suicide within your first 3 years as a policyholder, only the cash value of a policy is paid out. Unified Swiss life insurance guidelines governing exclusions during military service and war apply.

Premiums and discounts:

These are so-called rolling premiums. The premiums therefore increase with age - this is automatically taken into account correctly on for the selected term.

The premium level is guaranteed for the first 5 years. From the 5th year onwards, premiums may be increased under certain circumstances - but customers can then cancel.

Profit participation:

Possible dividends can be applied to premiums.

Death benefit amount:

Constant benefits only. Sum insured can be changed at any time. Amount of sum insured can be freely selected, minimum CHF 50,000, maximum CHF 500,000.


5 to 46 years.

Waiver of premium:

Separate premium waiver possible after a waiting period in the event of disability. Depending on the degree of disability, full or partial exemption from the obligation to pay premiums.


In addition to legal heirs, you can also make special beneficiaries.

Special services:
Waiver of premium, Pillar 3b
Additional services:

Can be taken out separately: premium waiver in the event of disability, life coach, immediate payout.