Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO)

The term SRO is an abbreviation for self-regulatory organization. In Switzerland these organizations are subject to FINMA supervision and regulate the activities of financial intermediaries attached to them, including wealth managers.

The primary responsibility of self-regulating organizations is setting rules and supervising member financial intermediaries.

The SRO makes sure that standards and legal obligations are abided by. Particular attention is paid to the fulfillment of obligations set by Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act by SRO members.

To become a member of an SRO, a wealth manager will normally need to provide a certificate or character, letters of reference and a business plan. Additionally, they must possess relevant education and experience in the field. Depending on the SRO in question, intermediaries may have to meet additional criteria.

There are currently eleven Swiss self-regulatory organizations listed with FINMA and connected through the Forum SRO/OAR/OAD:

1. SAAM: Swiss Association of Asset Managers

The SAAM has over 1000 members, making it the largest association of independent Swiss wealth managers with its own code of conduct.

Address and phone number: 
Bahnhofstrasse 35
CH-8001 Zurich

+41 44 228 70 10

2. VQF: Verein zur Qualitätssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen

Cross-sectoral SRO with around 1700 members

Address and phone number:
Baarerstrasse 112

CH-6302 Zug

+41 41 763 28 20

3. PolyReg General Self-Regulatory Organization

Address and phone number:
Florastrasse 44
CH-8008 Zurich
+41 43 488 52 80

4. ARIF: Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers

Address and phone number:
8, Rue de Rive

CH-1204 Geneva     

+41 22 310 07 35

5. OAR-G Organisme d'autorégulation fondé par le GSCGI et GPCGFG

Address and phone number:
2, rue Pedro-Meylan

Postfach 107     

CH-1211 Geneva 17
+41 22 700 73 20


Address and phone number:
Monbijoustrasse 20
CH-3001 Bern 
+41 31 380 64 80

7. Schweizerischer Leasingverband (SLV)

Address and phone number:
Rämistrasse 5
CH-8024 Zurich
+41 44 250 49 90

8. SRO SAV/SNV: Selbstregulierungsorganisation des Schweizerischen Anwaltsverbandes und des Schweizerischen Notarenverbandes

Address and phone number:
Marktgasse 4

CH-3011 Bern
+41 31 313 06 00

9. OAD FCT: Organismo di Autodisciplina dei Fiduciari del Cantone Ticino

Address and phone number:
Piazza Cioccaro 7

Postfach 6164

CH-6901 Lugano
+41 91 923 98 14

10. SRO SBB: Swiss Federal Railway

Address and phone number:
c/o Revision
Parkterrasse 14

CH-3000 Bern 65

+41 58 200 39 00

11. Swiss Post Self-Regulating Organization

Address and phone number:
Helvetiastrasse 17

CH-3030 Bern
+41 58 338 09 50

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