SolidaVita Term Life Insurance

  • Death coverage

  • Pillar 3b only

General information:

SolidaVita term life insurance offers financial protection against the economic consequences of disability and death following illness and accident as part of a pillar 3b pension plan.

Type of insurance:

Entry age: 0 to 64 years.
Maximum final age: 65 years.


Worldwide coverage.


There is no entitlement to benefits in the event of suicide within the first 3 years or if the death or disability is caused intentionally. The standard regulations of the Swiss life insurance companies apply during military service and war.

Premiums and discounts:

Risk-based age tiers with increasing premiums. The age brackets begin with years 0, 1, 5, 10, 15, 18, 20 and then after each additional five years. When the insured person's relevant age reaches the next level, the premium changes. This leads to increasing premiums from age 10 to 14. Premium changes take place at the beginning of the insurance year.

The BMI can also have an influence on the premiums - In the premium comparison of, a standard BMI is assumed.

There is a family discount of 5 percent for 2 or more persons.

Profit participation:

No profit participation.

Death benefit amount:

Constant sums insured. Sum insured can be changed monthly. Amount of insured sum can be freely selected, minimum CHF 10,000, maximum CHF 300,000.


There is no fixed term: the contract is renewed for one year at a time or ends by premature termination. The insurance ends at the latest when the insured reaches the final age of 65.

Waiver of premium:

No premium waiver possible.


In addition to the legal heirs, other persons can also be beneficiaries.

Special services:
Gross negligence cover, Pillar 3b
Additional services:

Immediate payment of CHF 20,000 in the event of guaranteed permanent disability without long waiting period. No fixed term, can be terminated monthly.
Waiver of benefit reduction in case of gross negligence.