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Spotify Raises Its Prices for Swiss Customers

August 2, 2023 - Ralf Beyeler

With immediate effect, users of Switzerland's most popular music streaming service will pay more for their subscriptions. One of Spotify's competitors is also raising its prices for Swiss customers. The changes push the cost of streaming music up by 12.6 percent. Here, explains what you can do about the price hikes.

Swedish platform Spotify is the most popular music-specialized streaming service in Switzerland. With immediate effect, Spotify is raising the monthly fees it charges to users.

An overview of Spotify's price increases

The cost of a standard Spotify plan is going up from the previous 12.95 francs per month to 13.95 francs per month. That is a price increase of 7.7 percent. The price hike for family subscriptions is 9.5 percent, with the monthly fee going up from 20.95 francs to 22.95 francs.

In a recently-published representative survey by, 52 percent of participants said they use Spotify. 25 percent of participants said that they pay for Spotify. That means around one quarter of Swiss consumers are affected by the Swedish streaming service's price hikes.

Price increases at Tidal

Spotify competitor Tidal has also raised its prices for customers in Switzerland. The Tidal Hifi plan now costs 13.90 francs, or 95 centimes more than it did up until now. An interesting observation is that Tidal now only undercuts Spotify by 5 centimes per month. The family version of the Tidal Hifi plan now costs 21.90 francs, up from 19.45 francs previously. That is a price increase of 2.45 francs, or 12.6 percent. The prices of the standard plan and the family version of the Tidal Hifi Plus plan have not been changed.

Tidal's price changes affect much fewer consumers. While around one in eight Swiss consumers use Tidal, only 2.8 percent of survey participants said they pay for Tidal services.

How the new prices compare with competing offers

Up until now, Youtube Music Premium, Spotify, and Tidal Hifi all offered subscriptions for just under 13 francs per month. It is interesting that Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and Tidal all charge almost identical monthly fees of either 13.90 or 13.95 francs.

The family plans from Youtube Music Premium costs 19.90 francs per month. Youtube is the only service that offers a family plan for less than 20 francs per month.

The music streaming comparison on gives you a detailed overview of prices and features.

How can you avoid paying more?

These music streaming services also offer free versions of their plans. The free versions normally have the exact same audio content as the paid versions. The difference is that paying customers get more functions. The offline feature in the mobile app is one example of a popular feature that is only included in paid subscriptions. This feature lets you listed to music when your device is not connected to the Internet.

Note: When this article refers to standard or regular subscriptions, it is referring to plans for individuals at standard prices without discounts. Music streaming services also offer plans for families which can be used by up to six family members in the same household. Some service providers also have special offers for couples and students.

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