Stock Trading

Stock trading, also known as share trading or equity trading, refers to the buying and selling of shares. The term may be used to denote trading in shares listed on a stock exchange, or those that aren’t listed on a stock exchange.

Stock trading is carried out both by professional financial firms or brokers, and by individuals who trade as a hobby or as part of an investment strategy.

Aside from banks, a growing number of Swiss online brokers offer individuals the opportunity to trade in shares.

The costs of trading shares vary greatly between different banks or brokers, the frequency with which you trade, the stock exchange used and the monetary value of trades. It’s very important that you consider and compare all relevant costs before you begin trading. Fees may include custody fees for the holding of shares (plus VAT), brokerage fees (levied when shares are bought or sold) and stamp duties (turnover tax).

Stock trading in collaboration with a bank consultant is relatively expensive in Switzerland, particularly when you assign tasks via telephone.

The most affordable way to trade shares in Switzerland is through online brokers. There is no service in Switzerland that offers free stock trading.

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