Structured Products

A structured product is a form of bearer bond which is made up of various investment instruments. Instruments which make up a structured product may include shares, obligations and derivatives.

The issuer of a structured product is liable to make interest payments and debt repayments in accordance with the product’s terms and conditions. Like other bearer bonds, structured products are subject to issuer risk. If an issuer goes bankrupt, its structured products can lose value or even become worthless.

In Switzerland, issuers of structured products are regulated by Swiss financial supervisory authority FINMA.

The number and type of investment products which can be combined to form structured products is almost infinite. This allows for the creation of structured products based on almost any investment strategy or risk profile. The versatility of structured products enables investors to profit off improving, failing or stagnant market conditions.

Because structured products can be very complex and bear a substantial amount of risk, it is crucial that investors study the terms and conditions of a structured product and its components before buying into it.

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