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Sunrise Fresh Replaces Young Mobile Plans

March 14, 2022 - Ralf Beyeler

Sunrise has launched new mobile plans for customers aged 18 to 30. The new Fresh plans are replacing the Sunrise Young plans.

With immediate effect, the Young mobile plans from Swiss telecom company Sunrise are being replaced by new Fresh Mobile plans.

The most important changes:

  • Most of the new mobile plans include an Apple Music subscription, phone insurance, and an Internet security service (the low-cost Fresh Mobile S subscription is an exception).
  • The cheapest young adult plan from Sunrise now comes with unlimited data, but at 29 francs per month, it costs 9 francs more than its predecessor.

Which Young features still apply to Fresh plans?

These features from the phased-out Young plans are also present on the new Fresh plans:

  • Subscribers can purchase a Half-Fare Travelcard for public transportation for half of the standard price.
  • All Fresh plans include unlimited data in Switzerland (previously not included in the cheapest plan).
  • Subscribers can keep their young adult plans after turning 30 years old. The features remain the same, with the exception of the discount for SBB/CFF Half Fare Travelcards.

With the exception of the most affordable plan, the pricing of the new Fresh plans is identical to that of the old Young plans.

What are the differences between the various Fresh mobile plans?

  • The more expensive plans include allowances for mobile roaming and for international calls from Switzerland.
  • The more expensive the subscription, the faster the maximum Internet speed.
  • The cheapest Fresh plan does not include Apple Music, phone insurance, or Internet security. Its flat fee also does not cover unlimited local phone calls within Switzerland.

An overview of the new plans

  Fresh S Fresh M Fresh L Fresh XL
Monthly flat fee CHF 29.00 CHF 55.00 CHF 70.00 CHF 90.00
Local data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Internet speed 50 Mbit/s 500 Mbit/s 1 Gbit/s 2 Gbit/s
Phone calls within Switzerland Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited calls to Sunrise and UPC numbers.
CHF 0.55 per minute to all other phone numbers.
Data roaming Not included Not included 40 GB 40 GB
Call roaming Not included Not included Unlimited Unlimited
SBB/CFF Half-Fare Travelcard No Yes Yes Yes
Apple Music No No Yes Yes
Phone insurance Not included Included Included Included
Internet security Not included Included Included Included


How much are the included perks worth?

The new Fresh mobile plans include a number of extras like Apple Music and phone insurance. It is worth knowing how much these supplemental benefits are worth.

  • Half-Fare Travelcard for half-price: New customers pay 185 francs for a one-year Half-Fare Travelcard. Sunrise reimburses half of that, which saves you of 7.70 francs per month when spread across the whole year. If you already have a Half-Fare card, you receive a discount when you extend your plan without a pause. This discount saves you 6.90 francs per month, when spread across the year.
  • Apple Music: An Apple Music subscription normally costs 12.90 francs per month, or 6.50 francs per month for students.
  • Phone insurance: The smart protect phone insurance from Sunrise normally costs between 6 and 18 francs per month, depending on the device.
  • Internet security: The surf protect Internet security service from Sunrise normally costs 2.90 francs per month.

How does Sunrise Fresh compare to other mobile plans?

Compared to other mobile plans, the new Sunrise youth plans are expensive – unless you account for the extra perks. Cheaper plans are frequently offered – especially a spart of special promotions. Mobile plans with unlimited data and unlimited phone calls to all networks within Switzerland are regularly available for 20 francs per month. Sunrise stated that it does not plan to run any special promotional offers for its new Fresh offers. So it is safe to assume that these youth plans will remain relatively expensive.

But Sunrise Fresh does include a number of extra perks. If you are interest in any of these bundled services, then you should account for their value when comparing costs.


  • For a student who uses Apple Music, the actual cost of the Fresh Mobile M plan would be 48.50 francs per month instead of 55 francs – after accounting for the 6.50 francs saved on Apple Music. In this case, the actual cost of the plan is still around twice as high as similar plans offered through special promotions.
  • A young, employed person is interested in all of the complimentary benefits. They buy a phone worth 1000 francs, and save 14 francs per month because with Sunrise Fresh, they no longer need additional phone insurance. If they were to get all of the extras separately, they would spend 37.50 francs per month on them. After deducting those savings, the cost of the actual plan is just 17.50 francs per month. That is a very good price for a mobile plan with unlimited local calls and data. Up until now, few special promotions have matched or bettered that price tag.

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