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Sunrise Launches Three New Plans

March 18, 2024 - Ralf Beyeler

Sunrise is now offering three new telecom plans exclusively through its online shop. The motto: Cheap plans, but no promotions. Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from analyzed the new plans from Sunrise.

Sunrise, the second-biggest telecom company in Switzerland, is now offering three new mobile plans: a mobile plan, a home Internet plan, and a bundled home Internet and TV plan. The new plans are only available via the online shop.

The new Sunrise Swiss Travel mobile plan

In addition to unlimited calls and mobile data within Switzerland, the Sunrise Swiss Travel plan also includes international calls to eight European countries and mobile roaming in eight European countries. The Internet connection speed is throttled once you reach 40 gigabytes of roaming data in one month. The plan costs 34.90 francs per month.

International calls and mobile roaming for these countries is included in the flat fee:

  • Austria
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Liechtenstein
  • Portugal
  • Spain

The new Easy Internet plans

Sunrise is offering two new home Internet plans, Easy Internet and Easy Internet & TV. Both plans include a one-Gbps Internet connection. The Easy Internet & TV plan also includes a TV plan. The Easy Internet plan costs 49.90 francs per month, and the Easy Internet & TV plan costs 59.90 francs per month.

Sales and support are only available through the website or app

Sunrise is selling the three new plans exclusively via its own website, and not in its stores. Customer service for these plans is provided via the online customer service portal, or through the Sunrise app.

One advantage of the new mobile plans is that it does not have a minimum contract term. The Internet plans, on the other hand, have a minimum contract term of 12 months.

Lower prices, no promotions

Sunrise is now offering low standard prices, while no longer running special promotions. At least with regards to the new plans, that change indicates a change in Sunrise’s strategy. A analysis done in October, 2023, shows that an increasing number of mobile service providers have adopted this strategy in recent months. Wingo is using this strategy for one of its plans. Digitec Galaxus, Digital Republic, and Teleboy have stopped running special promotions altogether.

Price comparison with other mobile plans

The new mobile plan from Sunrise targets people who make a lot of international calls and travel outside of Switzerland frequently. Many Swiss mobile service providers also have plans that target this group of consumers.

The table below clearly shows that many comparable plans cost around 100 francs per month. But for the sake of fairness, it is important to understand that these plans cover many more countries. If you do not make phone calls to those additional countries or travel to them, then the difference is irrelevant.

Table: Mobile plans with international phone calls and mobile roaming

Service provider Offer Countries included Standard monthly fee
Quickline Mobile XL Up to 46 countries, including all EU countries * CHF 70.00
Sunrise Up Mobile XL 44 countries, including all EU countries CHF 91.90
Swisscom Blue Mobile L 44 countries, including all EU countries CHF 99.90
Lebara XXL Up to 44 countries, including all EU countries * CHF 99.95
Salt Europe XXL 30 countries, including 22 EU countries CHF 102.95
Yallo Super Fat XXL Up to 41 countries, including all EU countries * CHF 129.00
Wingo International 49 countries, including all EU countries CHF 130.00


* The list of countries is for mobile roaming only. Separate lists with fewer countries apply to international phone calls.

Conclusion by Ralf Beyeler

It is good to see Sunrise, as the first of the big three mobile network operators, moving towards the strategy of lower standard fees without promotions – even if only for a few plans initially. If mobile plans are constantly offered at special promotional prices, the standard prices begin to lose their meaning, and consumers often get lost in the jungle of different prices.

The new Sunrise mobile plan is very attractive for people who make international calls or travel to the countries covered by the plan. If, on the other hand, you primarily use your phone in Switzerland and do not make calls to other countries, then there are other suitable offers that are cheaper.

The two new home Internet plans from Sunrise are among the cheaper offers available. Other service providers like iWay, Teleboy, and Init7 also offer one-Gbps home Internet plans in this price category.

Sunrise also announced new mobile plans for customers under 27 years old. You can find my analysis of those plans here.

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