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New Sunrise Mobile Roaming Offers Explained

June 28, 2021 - Ralf Beyeler

Sunrise is updating its mobile roaming rates and offers in Summer 2021. Ralf Beyeler from reviews the changes being implemented by Switzerland’s second-largest mobile service provider in this report.

As from June 28, 2021, Sunrise will offer new and upgraded roaming bundles. Find out what that means for you as a Sunrise customer here.

What changes is Sunrise making to data roaming?

These data roaming bundles will be available for getting online in Canada, most European countries, Puerto Rico, Turkey and the United States:

  • 300 megabytes for 5.90 francs.
  • 1 gigabyte for 14.90 francs.
  • 5 gigabytes for 39.90 francs.

These data roaming bundles will be valid for 12 months in keeping with new telecom regulations.

A price comparison with the old Sunrise bundles is difficult because Sunrise has rearranged the amount of data included. Up until now, Sunrise has offered a 3-gigabyte bundle for 19.90 francs and a 40-gigabyte bundle for 29.90 francs.

Sunrise offers the travel data unlimited Europe bundle for getting online in most European countries and Turkey. Unlike the bundles listed above, this bundle cannot be used in Canada, Puerto Rico, or the US. The bundle includes 60 gigabytes of high-speed data and costs 39.90 francs. Once the 60 gigabytes are used up, you can continue to use the Internet, but the speed is throttled.

This bundle is only valid for 30 days. That is acceptable in spite of the new regulations because it technically includes unlimited data. The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) only requires a 12-month validity period for data bundles with limited data.

This new bundle costs 10 francs more than its predecessor – which only included 40 gigabytes. For prepaid mobile users, the bundle remains more expensive at 49.90 francs. But the bundle now includes 60 gigabytes.

Sunrise stresses that the data bundles give users access to 5G networks in 24 countries.

For data roaming in all other countries, the bundles and prices will remain unchanged, with the exception that they will only expire after 12 months.

What changes is Sunrise making to call and SMS roaming options?

Sunrise will continue to offer the existing travel talk option without any changes. The option costs 10 francs per calendar month and lets you make calls and send SMS messages at a cost lower than standard rates. Roaming calls in most European countries, for example, cost 30 centimes per minute with this option activated.

Important: If you only travel abroad occasionally (on holiday, for example), make sure to disable the roaming option when you get back. Otherwise, you will continue to be charged 10 francs per month for as long as the option remains active.

What changes is Sunrise making to combo bundles?

Sunrise also offers roaming bundles which include data, calls and SMSs.

The travel days 30 bundle continue to be offered by Sunrise, and at the same price of 59.90 francs. As before, the bundle includes unlimited calls and SMS messages. It now also includes 60 gigabytes of high-speed data, with continued throttled Internet access once the included data has been used.

The bundle expires after 30 days. It can be used in Canada, most European countries, Puerto Rico, Turkey and the US.

The travel days 7 bundle from Sunrise is being phased out.

What changes is Sunrise making to Standard roaming rates?

Sunrise customers pay the standard roaming rates if they do not activate a roaming option or bundle before using their phone abroad. Because standard rates are very expensive, there are very few cases in which roaming at these rates pays off.

From July 1, Sunrise will charge higher rates for roaming without options or bundles. The mobile service provider will continue to differentiate between incoming and outgoing calls. The per minute rates for roaming calls in Canada, most European countries, Puerto Rico, Turkey, and the US are as follows:

  • Incoming calls: 1.20 francs (20 centimes more expensive than before).
  • Calls to Switzerland and calls within the same country: 2 francs (25 centimes more expensive than before).

These per-minute rates apply to roaming calls in countries like Serbia, Thailand, and more:

  • Incoming calls: 2.20 francs (20 centimes more expensive than before).
  • Calls to Switzerland or within the same country: 3 francs (10 centimes more expensive than before).

These per-minute prices apply in most countries outside of Europe:

  • Incoming calls: 3.20 francs (20 centimes more expensive than before).
  • Calls to Switzerland and calls within the same country: 4.80 francs (5 centimes more expensive than before).

Calls between European countries are billed at the same rates as calls to Switzerland.

Sunrise is moving to per-second billing in keeping with the new telecom regulations. So although the price per minute will be higher, Sunrise customers will effectively pay less, on average, thanks to the more favorable billing schedule.

What advantages do changes bring to Sunrise customers?

The longer validity period for data-roaming offers is the most important change for Sunrise too. “Sunrise customers will now be able to use the same roaming bundle for multiple trips. For example, data left over from the summer holidays can be used for autumn holiday travel,” explains telecom expert

An advantage for light users is that Sunrise will now offer cheap data roaming bundles with just 300 megabytes of data. Both the price and the size of the bundle are attractive compared to offers from competitors.

Sunrise also offers an unlimited roaming bundle for heavy data consumers.

Additionally, Sunrise customers can already use 5G in 24 different countries. That means you benefit from high Internet speeds.

Are there any disadvantages for Sunrise customers?

Somewhat unfortunately, Sunrise has not taken advantage of this major upgrade to overhaul its call and roaming options. The roaming option system is difficult for users to understand and is a subscription. Sunrise customers have to make a point of remembering to suspend the option or they will continue paying for an unneeded service every month.

It would have been nice to see Sunrise move completely away from the old option model to customer-friendly call roaming bundles. Swisscom, M-Budget Mobile, Coop Mobile and Wingo are introducing 60-minute call roaming bundles. These are easy for users to understand and prevent unnecessary charges. You simply buy a 60-minute bundle, and you can use those minutes to make calls throughout one year. Once the minutes have been used up, you can buy a new bundle, or not.

It is also a shame that Sunrise’s standard pricing for roaming is more expensive than the rates used by many of its competitors. Swisscom, in particular, has much more favorable standard rates for many countries.

Verdict by telecom expert Ralf Beyeler:

Sunrise – like other Swiss mobile service providers, is implementing longer 12-month validity periods for many of its bundles. That is a positive thing for customers, says Beyeler. But sticking with the antiquated option model is not customer friendly. Sunrise should correct this retroactively, demands the telecom expert.

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