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Do I Have to Switch from UPC to Sunrise?

September 22, 2022 - Raphael Knecht

Existing UPC customers are being informed that they should change to Sunrise plans. Here, moneyland.ch answers the most important questions.

Since May, 2022, all products from the Sunrise UPC conglomerate are sold only under the Sunrise brand. UPC plans are no longer available to new customers. But up until now, people who already have an existing UPC subscription could continue using it. Could Sunrise force you to migrate? What possible issues could result from a move from UPC to Sunrise? Is trading in a UPC plan for one from Sunrise even a good financial move? Read on for answers to those questions.

Do I have to migrate from UPC to Sunrise?

Officially, Sunrise continues to stress that customers with UPC plans can continue using them. Migrating from UPC to Sunrise is possible, but not required. When asked by moneyland.ch, Sunrise was not ready to reveal when it will begin requiring customers to migrate. It can be assumed though, that Sunrise hopes to replace existing UPC subscriptions with its current offers over the mid-term. Sunrise promises to inform customers about any changes with regards to UPC products.

Can Sunrise force me to change my plan?

No. You do not have to accept any changes to legal contracts. If you insist on keeping your existing UPC contract, then Sunrise cannot force you to give it up. However, the telecom service provider can terminate your contract in keeping with the contract term and required notice periods – just like you can.

Why is Sunrise telling me to change my plan?

Some customers who use existing plans from UPC have been told by Sunrise that they need to give up their existing subscriptions in favor of Sunrise plans. It is in the telecom company’s interest to try to migrate all of its customers to its new plans. So if, for example, employees at Sunrise shops tell you that you will now have to swap your UPC plan for a Sunrise offer, this is simply a marketing tactic. The official Sunrise position is that existing UPC contracts can continue to be used.

Do I have to get a TV plan if I change from UPC to Sunrise?

If you have a UPC plan which does not include a TV set-top-box, there is a chance that you may have to get a TV plan if you move to Sunrise. The reason for this is that a simplified UPC to Sunrise migration process is used for some customers, as the company explained to moneyland.ch.

As a result of technical limitations on the simplified transfer process, customers who use this more automated migration only receive Sunrise packages which include TV plans. Sunrise promises that the problem will be resolved shortly, but the company did not specify when this would take place. If you want to move to Sunrise, but do not want a TV plan, then putting off the migration for the time being can make sense. Sunrise says that it will inform customers if changes are made to its simplified migration process.

Is trading my UPC plan for a Sunrise offer worth it?

The telecom company describes the range of services provided by Sunrise and UPC as being largely identical. But according to moneyland.ch telecom expert Ralf Beyeler, whether that is true or not depends on which terms and conditions apply to your specific UPC contract.

If the terms and conditions of your plans are identical to those of Sunrise plans, then moving to Sunrise is best avoided. The reason is that there are many potential issues involved in changing telecom plans, especially if the change involves new hardware. Many customers have already voiced their complaints in this regard on the telecom company’s user forum. You should also be aware that when you move to a new plan, you will normally lose any TV recordings you have made.

What should I pay attention to when changing plans?

If you are considering migrating your telecom plans, Beyeler recommends that you keep your eyes open for special promotional offers. There are many offers from other telecom companies which give you similar services to Sunrise, but at better prices. For example, Sunrise's own budget subsidiary Yallo sometimes has affordable special promotional offers for home Internet which uses the cable TV connection and the UPC cable network. These Internet plans are sometimes offered for less than 20 francs per month.

You should also note that the coaxial cable network formerly run by UPC (and now operated by Sunrise) provides the fastest available home Internet connections in many areas. Depending on your address – and specifically on whether or not optical fiber is available – the UPC cable network may be your only option for a fast, fixed Internet connection. You can use the home Internet comparison on moneyland.ch to check which plans and connection speeds are available at your address.

On moneyland.ch, you can find additional tips for changing your Internet service provider and your mobile plan.

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