Sunrise Prepaid Unlimited 7 days

  • Swiss prepaid offer

  • Unlimited data in Switzerland

  • Unlimited calls within Switzerland


Plan fee without device (SIM only):
CHF 19.90 per 7 days
Activation fee:
Offline: CHF 19.90
Online: CHF 19.90
Minimum contract term:
No minimum contract term.
Notice period:
No prior notice required.
General information:
Not specified.
Data transfer speeds:
Download: 2000 Mbps
Upload: 300 Mbps
Prepaid offer
Youth offer:
Mobile network:
Network technology:
3G, 4G, 5G
Mobile ID, Visual Voice Mail, Answering service, Wi-Fi calling, eSIM cards
Included allowances:
Possible included services for the Sunrise Prepaid Unlimited 7 days offer can be found in the breakdown of mobile plan comparison results.

Customer satisfaction and network quality

Network quality as per studies    9.0/10 (Excellent)
Overall assessment    7.1/10 (Good)
Mobile data    7.6/10 (Good)
Customer service    6.8/10 (Good)
Network quality    7.3/10 (Good)
General    7.3/10 (Good)