Sunrise Up Mobile XL Young

  • Swiss mobile plan

  • Unlimited data in Switzerland

  • Unlimited calls within Switzerland

  • Includes roaming


Plan fee without device (SIM only):
CHF 45.95 per month
Activation fee:
Offline: CHF 59.90
Online: CHF 0
Minimum contract term:
2 months
Notice period:
2 months
General information:
Not specified.
Data transfer speeds:
Download: 2000 Mbps
Upload: 300 Mbps
Youth offer:
Mobile network:
Network technology:
3G, 4G, 5G
Mobile ID, Visual Voice Mail, Answering service, Wi-Fi calling, Supplemental SIM cards, eSIM cards
Included allowances:
Possible included services for the Sunrise Up Mobile XL Young offer can be found in the breakdown of mobile plan comparison results.

Customer satisfaction and network quality

Network quality as per studies    9.0/10 (Excellent)
Overall assessment    7.1/10 (Good)
Mobile data    7.6/10 (Good)
Customer service    6.8/10 (Good)
Network quality    7.3/10 (Good)
General    7.3/10 (Good)