Swiss Bankers Life Card

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Swiss Bankers Life Card

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Swiss Bankers
General information

Maximum upload: CHF 10,000. Normally there is no top-up fee (may vary). Available from banks, SBB and Swiss Bankers. The digital version "Life Digital" is cheaper and costs CHF 2.90 per month. Further services: Individual card blocking, geoblocking, spending statistics and free hotline for customer support.

General conditions
Not specified.

Customer satisfaction

General satisfaction    7.8/10 (Good)
Helpfulness    8.1/10 (Very good)
Product information    7.9/10 (Good)
Assistance    8.0/10 (Very good)


Annual fee
The annual fee is CHF 45.00.
There is no reloading fee.
Additional cards

Maximum 4 additional cards.

Card loss
A replacement card costs CHF 20.00.
Purchase abroad in CHF
Purchases abroad in CHF are subject to the payment of an administrative fee. The administrative fee is 0.95% of the purchase amount.
Purchase abroad in foreign currency
For purchases abroad or online in foreign currencies there is an administrative fee of 0.95% of the purchase amount.
Exchange rate markup
3.225% is the average markup of the EUR/CHF exchange rate against the interbank rate according to the latest regular samplings of The actual markup may vary daily.
Cash withdrawal in Switzerland
Per cash withdrawal in Switzerland there is a fee of CHF 5.00.
Cash withdrawal abroad

Per cash withdrawal abroad there is a fee of CHF 7.50.


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Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Swatch Pay
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Contactless payments, Mobile-App, Online-Tool, Virtual card