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Swiss Comparison Websites to Compare Goods and Services and Save Money

May 28, 2024 - Daniel Dreier

Here, lists platforms which let you compare the prices and/or features of different goods and services in Switzerland.

Comparison platforms help you save money and/or find the goods and services which best match your specific needs. In Switzerland, comparison websites let you compare banking and insurance services, book prices, telecom services, general consumer goods, cars, campgrounds, money transfer services, and many more.

1. Consumer goods

Whether you are in the market for a home appliance, sports equipment, toys, or electronics, you can use the price comparisons on and to compare the going prices at many major Swiss retailers. Comparisons primarily include online retailers, and retailers which have both online and offline stores. The number of stores compared varies depending on which item you are looking for. These comparison sites are a useful tool for looking up the best available deal from major retailers as a price reference while you shop.

2. Books is a dedicated comparison site just for books, audiobooks, eBooks, and multimedia. Although not all Swiss book dealers are accounted for in comparisons, it provides a good reference point to measure the prices of books by.

3. Cars

Swiss motor club TCS offers a car comparison service which lets you compare the features of different cars which are currently on the market. Although there is no price comparison – only the catalog prices of new cars are shown – this comparison service is a good place to find the best car for your specific needs based on the features you want. A similar comparison tool can be found on

Car classifieds sites, while no comparisons per se, let you find and compare used cars based on their features and prices. Major Swiss vehicle classifieds platforms include Autolina and Autoscout24. Comparis has an aggregator which scrapes vehicle ads from all major Swiss classifieds sites.

4. Mobile plans

The interactive mobile plan comparison on makes it easy to find the cheapest mobile plan for your specific needs, including local and international calls and data, and mobile roaming., Comparis and also have mobile plan comparisons.

5. Internet

You can compare Internet plans which are available at your exact address, and the Internet speeds you can actually get, using the comprehensive Swiss Internet plan comparison on Alternatively,, Comparis and also offer Internet plan comparison tools.

6. TV

You can compare Swiss TV plans based on your location and specific needs with the TV plan comparison. You can compare stand-alone TV plans, or compare TV plans in combination with Internet and/or landline telephone plans., Comparis, and also offer TV plan comparisons.

7. Streaming offers non-interactive video streaming and music streaming comparisons of the prices and features of streaming subscriptions in Switzerland.

8. Hotels

There are currently no genuine, unbiased comparison websites for hotels in Switzerland which account for all prices across all hotels and travel agencies. However, hotel booking platforms – like those from Switzerland Tourism,, Ebookers, and Trivago – offer a good reference point for finding the cheapest travel accommodation.

9. Housing

There are currently no genuine comparison websites for comparing housing, which makes sense because most homes are not standardized. But there are platforms which let you find housing to rent or buy based on prices and features. These include, Homegate, Immoscout24, Immostreet, and Newhome. Comparis offers an aggregator which collects classified ads from all major Swiss real estate platforms.

10. Camping

From tenting to glamping, the Swiss campsite comparison platform lets you find and compare the prices and amenities of campgrounds in specific towns and regions across Switzerland.

11. Bank accounts

The accurate private account comparison (checking accounts) and savings account comparison from include all major Swiss banks and numerous regional banks. They enable you to find the most favorable bank accounts based on your specific needs. You can also find a bank package comparison and a business account comparison on also offers savings account and private account comparison tools, but these only account for interest rates, and not fees or charges.

12. Credit cards

The Swiss credit card comparison on lets you find the credit card which best matches your criteria and compare the cost of using credit cards based on your spending habits. also has a prepaid card comparison. also has a Swiss credit card comparison.

13. Money transfers

The cost of transferring money to other countries is difficult to calculate. Some money transfer services have good rates for transfers to certain countries and currencies, but not others. The amount you send can also determine which service is the most affordable. The Monito comparison service makes it easy to find the cheapest option for a specific transfer.

14. Loans

You can use the personal loan comparison on to compare the lowest possible interest rates of loans from all major Swiss lenders., Comparis, and Financescout24 also have personal loan comparisons. Business loans can be compared using the business loan comparison. 

15. Insurance offers precise, interactive comparisons of Swiss mandatory health insurance, supplemental health insurance, hospital insurance, term life insurance, legal insurance, pet insurance, travel insurance, and security deposit insurance for rented homes. Other Swiss comparison platforms which can be used to compare various insurance products – including car insurance – are, Comparis, Financescout24, and Swupp (health insurance). Depending on the platform and insurance in question, offers may be limited to a few partners, and/or you may have to submit personal information or request quotes before you can see results.

16. Mortgages

The Swiss mortgage comparison gives you a clear overview of advertised guide interest rates for mortgages from all relevant Swiss banks and insurance companies. Various mortgage lenders and brokers, including Moneypark and Hypoplus (Comparis), provide quotes from their partner banks, but do not let you compare all lenders. The platform provides an alternative for getting mortgage quotes.

17. Retirement planning

Finding the most favorable Swiss pillar 3a and vested benefits solutions is simple with the pillar 3a savings account comparison, the retirement fund comparison, and the vested benefits account comparison offered by and Comparis also have pillar 3a account comparison tools.

18. Investing

Currently, the only interactive, online option for comparing Swiss stock brokers is the online trading comparison on Other investment tools which you can compare using include asset management services, medium-term notes and fixed deposits. An alternative medium-term note comparison can be found on

19. Taxes

Comparis offers a tax comparison with which you can roughly compare the taxes you pay in your municipality with what you would pay across multiple other municipalities in Switzerland. The online tax calculator from the Federal Tax Administration lets you calculate what your approximate tax liability would be in specific locations. Tools to compare approximate taxes in two different Swiss municipalities are offered by Helvetia insurance and the Zürcher Kantonalbank, among others.

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