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Swiss Health Insurance Customer Satisfaction Survey 2017

August 8, 2017 - Benjamin Manz

A survey commissioned by unbiased insurance and banking comparison service reveals major differences in levels of customer satisfaction between Swiss health insurance providers. Satisfaction also varies across regions and age groups.

Acting on behalf of, market research institute GfK Switzerland surveyed Swiss health insurance customers to determine customer satisfaction in 2017. The survey results show that while basic compulsory health insurance benefits should be identical across insurance providers, there are notable differences in customer satisfaction between insurance companies.

Average customer satisfaction levels high

Participants in the survey rated their health insurance providers based on more than ten distinct criteria. Insurance customers rated their insurers based on friendliness and helpfulness of personnel, accessibility, reaction time, value for money, tolerance in premium payments, claim settlement periods, clarity of information and general satisfaction.

The survey reveals surprisingly high levels of satisfaction among health insurance customers, in spite of rising health insurance premiums. But the survey also shows that satisfaction among policyholders varies between regions and age groups.

Dissatisfaction greatest among young policyholders

The most profound differences are visible in the way that customers in different age groups see their insurance providers. The average rating given to insurance providers by participants between the ages of 19 and 25 years old is just 7.33 out of 10 points. The rating among policyholders aged 26 to 49 years old is 7.66 while insurance customers between the ages of 50 and 74 years old rated their health insurance providers 8.33 out of 10 points on average. One explanation for the major increase in customer satisfaction between age groups is the increased use of health insurance benefits which accompanies age. Young policyholders often feel that they are financing the healthcare of older generations while claiming few benefits themselves.

Health insurance providers less popular in French-speaking Switzerland

Health insurance premiums may be higher in French-speaking Switzerland than they are in German-speaking Switzerland, customer satisfaction levels are remarkably lower. An evaluation of survey results by shows that on average, the customer satisfaction rating among policyholders in French-speaking Switzerland is just 7.53 out of 10 points. That is well below the average customer satisfaction rating of 8 out of 10 points among customers in German-speaking Switzerland. French-speaking Swiss are also less generous in their ratings of the friendliness levels among insurance personnel than their German-speaking compatriots. They also look at the current health insurance system more sceptically, as the results of the vote on the creation a single, unified health insurance provider have shown.

Women more satisfied than men

Female policyholders are more satisfied with their health insurance providers than are their male counterparts. This applies to general customer satisfaction as well as to satisfaction with the friendliness of personnel, helpfulness, accessibility and payments.

Differences in satisfaction levels between urban and rural areas were less pronounced this year. Customer satisfaction among urban and rural health insurance policyholders are similar.

Notable differences between insurance providers

The highest ratings were given to health insurance providers Swica (8.4 out of 10 points), ÖKK (8.3 points), KPT (8.1 points), Agrisano (8.1 points), Concordia (8.1 points), Atupri (8 points), Sanitas (7.8 points) and EGK (7.8 points) by their customers. The lowest rating went to Assura (6.9 points) and Supra (6.5 points). Breakdowns of customer satisfaction ratings are included with the corresponding insurance products in the health insurance comparison.

Costs do not always correlate with customer satisfaction

Interesting fact: The size of insurance premiums does not directly affect customer satisfaction. While some low-cost health insurance providers like Compact (part of the Sanitas group) and Arcosana (part of the CSS group) received good ratings, other low-cost insurers like Assura were given poor ratings by customers. With a number of large insurance groups operating low-cost subsidiaries, policyholders can often receive similar service to that provided by parent insurers at a low price.

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