Swiss Life Protection

  • Death coverage

  • Pillar 3a or 3b

General information:

Available as pillar 3a or as pillar 3b account. Pure term insurance with constant or decreasing insurance sum in case of death (optionally with waiver of premium in the event of disability). 

Type of insurance:
Constant, Decreasing

Minimum entry age: 18 years. Maximum entry age: 64 years (women) or 65 years (men). Maximum payment age: 69 years (women) or 70 years (men).




Disability: intentional self-injury, active participation in riots or acts of war. 

Death: suicide during the first 3 years of insurance.

In case of active participation in civil unrest or acts of war.

Premiums and discounts:

Monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payments.

Profit participation:

Possible. Depends on the investment income generated per year and the risk and cost development of the customer group.

Death benefit amount:

Constant and decreasing sums insured possible. Amount of insurance sum freely selectable from CHF 10,000 (constant) or CHF 20,000 (decreasing).


Terms possible from 5 years. Maximum term: 51 years (3a women), 52 years (3a men), 60 years (3b).

Waiver of premium:

There is a chargeable option for a premium waiver.


Several persons can be elected.

Special services:
Waiver of premium, Gross negligence cover, Pillar 3a, Pillar 3b
Additional services:

Waiver of benefit reduction in the event of gross negligence. Immediate availability from the first premium payment. Possibility of premium waiver and conversion of the insurance into a premium-free death insurance policy with a constant sum insured, with the conversion value serving as an inventory deposit. Can also be paid out as a time annuity.