With a mobile service market share of 56 percent, a landline market share of 66.3 percent and a broadband market share of 49.8 percent, Swisscom is the clear market leader in the Swiss telecom service sector.

A majority of Swisscom shares are held by the Swiss Confederation. Swisscom was established in 1997 from the telecom subsidiary of the Swiss Post, Telephony and Telegraph company (PTT). Swisscom runs its own landline and mobile networks, among other activities. It is obligated to provide basic telecommunications services across Switzerland. This means that Swisscom is required to provide landline and broadband connections (3 Mbps download, 0.3 Mbps upload) to any resident of Switzerland (including those in remote locations) upon request.

Swisscom offers its services under the Swisscom brand, as well as under the M-Budget (in collaboration with Migros), Coop Mobile and Wingo brands.