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Swisscom Launches a Bundled Video Streaming Package

October 17, 2023 - Ralf Beyeler

Swisscom’s Blue Super Max package will be available from mid-November and will bundle Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and Sky Show Cinema in one streaming package. Ralf Beyeler from analyzed the new offer.

From mid-November, 2023, Swisscom will sell a streaming package that bundles Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and Sky Show Cinema. The package will also include much of the content that was available in Swisscom’s former streaming service, Blue Max. The new bundled streaming package from Swisscom will be marketed as Blue Super Max.

Monthly fees just under 25 or 35 francs

The new bundled streaming package will cost 34.90 francs per month. Customers who get an annual subscription pay a lower 24.90 francs per month. The annual subscription has a minimum term of 12 months, after which the plan can be terminated at any time.

The bundle includes the Standard subscription from Disney Plus without advertising, which lets you view all of the Disney Plus content in high definition (HD). If you want to watch a video in 4K resolution, you have the option of doing this for an extra fee.

Swisscom is phasing out its Blue Max streaming service

Along with the launch of Blue Super Max, Swisscom will phase out its Blue Max streaming offer. However, much of the content available on Blue Max will be bundled into the new Blue Super Max package. Existing Blue Max subscribers will pay their current 19.90-franc monthly fee for the first three months of their Blue Max subscription. Customers who do not terminate their subscriptions within that three-month period will automatically be moved to the standard pricing when the trial period ends.

No Swisscom Internet plan required

Swisscom will likely focus on its existing TV plan and home Internet plan subscribers in its marketing campaign for the new streaming package.

However, the new bundled video streaming package is also available in combination with Swisscom’s two Blue TV Air plans, including the free of charge Blue TV Air Free plan. You do not need to have a Swisscom home Internet plan to get these basic TV plans.

How does the product compare with other offers?

A price comparison shows that cost of getting the monthly subscription is slightly more expensive than the cost of getting separate Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and Sky Show Cinema subscriptions individually. Getting separate subscriptions would cost 34.80 francs per month, in total. Swisscom’s bundled package costs 34.90 francs per month. But the Swisscom package also includes videos from the Blue Max offer that is being phased out.

The cost of the annual subscription, on the other hand, is 298.80 francs. That is much less than the 367.80 francs you would pay, in total, for separate annual subscriptions for Disney Plus and Paramount Plus, and 12 monthly fees for Sky Show Cinema.

Important: The Paramount Plus subscription included in Swisscom’s new package is the subscription for German-speaking Switzerland. This version lets you stream videos in their German and English versions but does not include the French versions.

Conclusion by Ralf Beyeler

Telecom expert Ralf Beyeler from considers the pricing for the new package to be relatively high. “If you are content to use just two streaming services, you can save money by getting the two subscriptions separately.” A survey shows that only a small number of consumers are prepared to pay for multiple streaming services. Just 10 percent of survey participants pay for two conventional video streaming services, while five percent have three paid subscriptions, and two percent have four paid subscriptions.

The absence of Netflix, the most popular streaming service in Switzerland, is a disadvantage, says Ralf Beyeler. A high 58 percent of survey participants use Netflix, while Disney Plus and Paramount Plus are used by 30 percent each, and Paramount Plus is used by 14 percent of participants.

“In principle, it makes more sense to get just one package that bundles multiple offers than to have to sign up for each subscription individually. But getting a bundled plan should be cheaper than getting separate plans,” believes Ralf Beyeler.

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