Swisspeers Business Loan

  • Online business loan

  • Loan possible without collateral

  • Digital identification possible

  • Non-binding and free credit application
General requirements:
Your business must be listed in the commercial register.
Minimum loan amount:
CHF 50,000
Maximum loan amount:
CHF 1,000,000
Minimum duration:
6 months
Maximum duration:
60 months
Minimum revenue:
CHF 100,000
Interest earned:
Interest rates vary based on creditworthiness. Loans are amortized (repaid).
Service fees:
Fees are only due in the event of successful funding. The loan application is free of charge. A one-time processing fee is deducted from the loan amount at the beginning: Depending on the rating, this amounts to 1% (minimum CHF 2000) or 1.25% (minimum CHF 2850). The interest includes administration fees of 0.5%-0.75% (depending on the rating).
Early settlement:
Early repayment is possible.
Loan decision:
Loan applications can normally be processed within 48 hours if all required documents are provided.
Financial statements for the last 2 years, identification documents of authorized signatories.
Additional services:
Online application, Loan supplement, Penalty-free early repayment, Business mortgage
Available loan types:
Equipment loan, Investment loan, Research loan, Liquidity, Growth loan, Succession financing, Acquisition financing, Debt repayment, Other
Eligible business types:
Sole proprietorship / Self employed, Limited company (GmbH), Aktiengesellschaft (AG), General partnership, Limited partnership, Simple partnership
General information:

The loan can be applied for online without obligation and quickly concluded after approval. Fees are only due in the event of successful financing. The corporate loan is suitable for investments, growth financing, working capital, succession solutions and other financing.

Advantages over corporate loans from banks
1. Fully digital loan application.
2. No collateral is required.
3. Even complex business models can be financed.
4. Even projects that are rather unimportant for banks (such as stock replenishment, development projects) are financed by Swisspeers.
5. Lending works faster.

The process consists of three steps
1. credit application: Swisspeers' credit specialists check the borrower's application and creditworthiness for the final rating.
2. project tender: with the help of the rating, borrowers can define the desired maximum interest rate. In case of full financing, the final interest rate is determined.
3. financing: During the loan period Swisspeers takes over the distribution of payments to the lenders. There are constant monthly installments.